What is OT?

















is a therapist-run center that strives to habilitate families through education, treatment, and community outreach.

We believe that by working to understand each child's unique situation, we will be able to create and execute a plan of care, using a variety of treatment approaches, to identify weaknesses and magnify strengths until optimal independence and function is achieved.


pediatric occupational therapy services include:

Assessment- standardized assessments, skilled clinical observation, parent interview, and collaboration with others involved in your child's care

Treatment planning- creating a plan of care that includes goals derived from identified needs and preparation for the future, including discharge

Onsite therapy- engaging therapy sessions designed to meet your child's needs by using what motivates them

Active consultation- as requested by parents and as a regular part of treatment

Caregiver training- individualized education for caregivers, for use within the home and community environments to maximize outcomes from therapy through generalization to other settings

On-going reassessment-creating a clear and up-to-date picture of a child's skills for treatment planning

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